If you're another member of the 'Coules' family, then Hello!

I always believed my surname to be a rare one, having never encountered it outside of my direct family.   So when I decided to search for my ancestors, (as well as any tenuous links to royalty) I was surprised at how many other Coules' were out there.

So far my research mostly covers England, but I've also found family links in America, Australia, Canada, Greece and Ireland, with your help, it's my aim to include EVERY Coules family member in the world.   'Optimistic' I know!   But why aim low... Have a look around and see if your family information is already here, if it is then let me know if you have any updates.  If not then I can create a new page for you.    

AMERICANS! WHERE ARE YOU?  I'm still trying to get family tree info for America!   ...don't worry, i'm not going to turn up on your doorstep to stay (unless you're a 'billionaire', obviously).  Have a look at the 'Policy' page.

My particular branch of the family tree originally came from Brighton in Sussex, (England) with my Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather, William Coules, where he worked as a Whitesmith, (Tinsmith).   His family later moving to Margate (Kent).                 Regards, Paul Coules.

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